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Do you know what are the types of containers for the transport of goods?

Containers are cargo containers for transport whether maritime, land, air or multimodal. They are immobile units that protect the merchandise before external factors. These have a standard dimension for proper handling. In addition, they can be manufactured by different materials, but always complying with ISO regulations.

Types of container to transport merchandise

You will have to take into account the characteristics of each one to choose one or the other depending on the merchandise you wish to transport.

DRYVAN: also called common containers. Are the containers available for any normal load.

REEFER: also called refrigerated container It is characterized by maintaining a temperature below 0. It has its own cold generation equipment.

CONAIR: also called container insolado phortole. It is used in transport of merchandise that requires a constant temperature, but unlike the reefer container, it does not have a cold chamber and can not regulate the temperature, it only maintains it.

OPEN TOP: as the name indicates are containers without part of above. It is usually canvas and removable so that the excess load can stick out. They facilitate loading and unloading in the upper area.

FLAT RACK: is a variation of the open top, the containers lack any of its walls. They are normally used in atypical loads and large dimensions.

TANK: this type of container is used to transport liquid merchandise in bulk.