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Divalá Logistics Center

For the logistical improvement of imports and exports in the province of Chiriquí.

¿That allows us?

  • Cut times to acquire an empty container.
  • Wide reception of trucks.
  • Instantly refrigerated and dry storage units.
  • Keep containers ready since we will have an Empty Handler enabled in DEPOT.
  • PTI (Pre-Trip inspection) center with properly trained refrigeration technicians.
  • Repair and maintenance workshop.
  • Storage of goods.
  • Palm oil packaging.

Export Market Segments

  • Coffee production in the highlands.
  • Sugar cane production.
  • Fertilizers.
  • Scrap.
  • Raising of cattle (Production of milk and meat).
  • Fruit production: Papaya, orange, pineapple, banana and plantain with export quality.
  • Rice production.
  • Palm oil production with great potential for bioethanol production.


Offices: Customized office adapted to specific needs, allowing employees to work comfortably within the spaces.

Vacuum storage:Storage center for empty containers where importers can leave their equipment and exporters can collect for their shipments..

Racks (PTI):Storage center for empty containers where importers can leave their equipment and exporters can collect for their shipments.

Workshop: Technical assistance, inspection, repair and painting center for equipment that requires a quick solution, allowing them to continue with their operation.

Capacity and Safety

Capacity:Current capacity of 240 containers in 2.2 hectares developed and 4 additional hectares for expansion.

Base Layer – Terrain::Surface area dredged and leveled with 18 inches of river rock and 15 inches of compacted base layer, allowing easy access of the headers and adequate for the weight of the equipment.

Monitoring Center: CCTV System: Closed circuit of cameras that connect to a complete monitoring room which has large screens that allow guarding the area and tracking all the trucks that operate in the Center.

Enclosed:8.5 ft. High Perimeter Fence equipped with concertina on top and bottom. We also have certification and protection and security course for a multimodal center.