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The Panama Canal had 9.5% more tonnage in 2018

The balance of the Panama Canal for 2018 is positive. In total, the tonnage mobilized through the isthmus was 9.5% higher, compared to the previous year, when the procedures had already reached 22% more.

The data was provided by the administrator of the Panama Canal, Jorge Luis Quijano, who made a balance of the activity developed in 2018 before the media in his country.

One of the star items and on which the authority focused in 2018 was liquefied natural gas. “We were trying to capture more liquefied natural gas, for example, and for that we needed to relax some of the limitations we had. We had to offer more opportunity for the use of reservations, so we had to increase the number to eight, and this allowed a significant increase in what was the gas segment, “he explained.

The fiscal year of the Panama Canal, which ended in September, gave an historical record of 442.1 million tons of CP / SUAB (volume measurement of the Panama Canal System), an increase of 9 , 5% compared to fiscal year 2017