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Analyze new growth opportunities for the Panama Canal

Analyzing new opportunities for growth and the present of the interoceanic highway are the main objectives of the meeting between the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) that takes place in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

The XXIX meeting is one of the two that is held annually by the Advisory and Board Meetings. Every year, they meet in Panama and, in an alternate way, in a city of importance within the world maritime industry. This year the decision was made to meet in Norfolk, Virginia, an important port that receives a significant amount of cargo that crosses the Panama Canal to the east coast of the United States.

The Boards have met to discuss issues relevant to the Panama Canal, such as its solid financial position, operations, current projects, trends in the industry, anticipated growth and the development of future business opportunities.

The Advisory Board is constituted by a group of 16 distinguished advisors, who represent a solid amalgam that integrates the knowledge of transportation and world trade, business, telecommunications, civil construction and development, banking and the academic sector, offering his work and experience ad honorem.

During your stay in Virginia, the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors will tour the Port of Virginia, as well as several regional distribution centers, including Target and California Cartage Company, located in Suffolk, Virginia, and Givens in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The Port of Norfolk mainly handles containerized cargo. In 2017, it handled around 2.8 million TEUs per year (1.27 million TEUs in imports and 1.01 million in exports). The growth of the port in relation to the previous calendar year was 7%.

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